Terms and Conditions : V8 Drive Day, Super Car Experience, Perth WA
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Terms and Conditions

Important information for the day of your event:

On the day of your event you will be required to present your voucher, invoice or booking confirmation along with your signed indemnity form to be able to participate. This is mandatory.


The Indemnity Form must be read carefully and signed as a condition of participating, this is not an option it is a requirement. Please make sure you understand the form before signing. Forms are available for download from our website and will also be given to you on the day.

Session Lengths and Times

V8 Drive Days consist of four (4) sessions, 9am, 11am, 1pm and 3pm. Each session is two (2) hours long. Session lengths are an indication only of the time you will be at the venue. Drivers : Please arrive 1 hour before your session time. Drivers briefi ng will start ½ hr before the session start

Rules regarding Pets and Alcohol

The entire track and surrounding area is an alcohol and drug free zone with a 0.00% blood alcohol level being mandatory. No alcohol, drugs or animals of any kind are to be brought to the track.

Clothing and Footwear

The most suitable footwear is runners or similar fl at soled shoes (must be enclosed) and wool or cotton socks. Overall style Race suits are supplied and will fi t over most clothing except dresses and skirts. Please do not bring unnecessary valuables as no secure storage is available.


If glasses or spectacles are normally worn when driving, then it is best if they are close fi tting and with soft frames.

Health Conditions or Pregnancy

During a high speed drive or ride you will experience high G-forces. You may also experience some unusual muscle stress or jarring. If you have any concerns or are worried in any way about being in this situation, we recommend that you seek professional medical advice and contact us immediately if you wish to postpone or cancel your booking. Driving or Riding in a V8 Drive Day experience is not suitable for people who are pregnant.


The vehicles have a manual gearbox and drivers without a manual driver’s licence will have extreme diffi culty operating these vehicles.

Race Suit, Helmet and Gloves

Race suits, helmets and gloves are provided by us and must be worn. Drivers over 130 kg may not be able to fi t safely into race suits or car seats. If you have any questions on compliance with the above please contact us.

Driver’s Licence

Drivers Only - You must be 18 years old and hold a minimum manual P Plate licence. The licence must be an Australian or International licence. If you are on a suspended licence you are still able to participate. Your driver’s licence must be presented at the track on your drive day. Passengers Only – Passengers must be at least 13 years old. All passengers between 13 and 18 must have parent or guardian consent.

In-Car Recording

Optional in-car recording is available for purchase at the track on the day of your drive for $50 on USB stick. The “V8 Drive Day Experience” recording is operated under extreme conditions and is subject to a small failure rate. If your recording quality is affected by technical problems, please mail to 440 Scarborough Beach Road Osborne Park, WA 6017, for a full refund of the recording. We are unable to re-stage the experience due to video equipment malfunction.

Inclement Weather

Inclement weather may from time to time cause a stoppage or a delay to the event. If it is raining prior to you leaving home, telephone 1300 095 734 for an update on the latest track conditions. If bad weather results in your drive being postponed you may re-book without a re-booking fee.

Re-book without a re-booking fee.

Barbagallo Raceway is not controlled by JBM Racing. Barbagallo Raceway is controlled by WA Sporting Car Club and from time to time there may be track closures some scheduled and some un-scheduled and beyond our control. If your V8 Drive Day date is cancelled we will contact you and reschedule your experience

Terms of Gift Certifi cate

Gift Certifi cates are not refundable unless within 14 days of purchase date less $30 administration fee. Gift Certifi cates are fully transferable and are only valid for 12 months from date of purchase. You MUST bring your voucher or booking confi rmation with you on your event day to be eligible to participate in the experience. 48 hours notice is required for booking changes/cancellations or you booking will be voided. ‘No shows’ will void your voucher. Booked drives or rides can be rescheduled 7 working days prior to your booking date. Changes to your booking within 7 working days are subject to a $30 re-booking fee.

Other Information

Packages, Upgrades, USB recordings, Merchandise and Drinks are all available to purchase on the day. We have free tea and coffee available for all. There are plenty of viewing areas. We just ask that you keep a close eye on any children you may wish to bring along. Your ride/drive car will be pre-arranged before the day. If you have any requests please let us know before the day and we will do our best to meet them. We have Holden sedans and utes and Ford sedans.